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Jackson Attorneys Open Women-Owned Law Firm

April 2, 2019


On March 28, 2019, Gay Jones & Kuhn PLLC opened as the newest women-owned and operated law firm in the Jackson area, serving clients across the Southeast.

JACKSON, MISS -- APRIL 2019 -- Gay Jones & Kuhn PLLC (GJ&K) was founded by Mary Margaret Gay, Sarah Beth Jones and Joanna Kuhn. Each of these women have worked extensively for a national law firm and bring vast experience to this new venture. They also bring a strong desire to operate under a new model of service—one that is driven by their desire to provide a wide array of quality legal services and legal solutions to clients in a way that encourages creativity, efficiency and collaboration.

“Our firm was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus on diversity,” explains Mary Margaret Gay. “As a women-owned law firm, GJ&K appreciates the benefits that diverse perspectives bring to analyzing and solving legal problems. GJ&K strives to foster a balanced work-life culture.”  

The firm is dedicated to providing clients exceptional legal services tailored to their specific needs. The firm offers alternative fee arrangements, such as flat fees, capped fees and negotiated rates.  As a boutique firm, GJ&K offers flexibility and cost-efficiency due to lower overhead and operating costs as compared to larger traditional firms. Above all, GJ&K’s goal is efficiency and transparency. 

As the mother of two children under the age of four, Sarah Beth Jones found work-life balance in a traditional law firm to be a daily challenge. She and her partners hoped to create an improved firm model.

“We are a modern law firm that seeks to provide a creative, diverse and flexible workplace. We believe lawyers shouldn't have to choose between their careers and families,” said Sarah Beth. “As women, we hope to make a positive impact on the legal profession in a way that improves the outlook for women lawyers of our generation, as well as future generations.”   

Joanna Kuhn, who will lead the firm’s Arkansas office, adds, “We at GJ&K value outside the box thinking and are proud that our firm doesn't fit the traditional law firm mold.”

The firm is officially open for business. GJ&K will occupy a new space in Jackson’s historic Heritage Plaza building upon its completion.

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ABOUT GJ&K: Gay Jones & Kuhn PLLC offers a broad spectrum of legal services for clients in Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, including mass tort and personal injury defense, asbestos bankruptcy trust transparency, strategic counsel services, general counsel and small business services, special education counsel, and personal legal counsel and estate planning services. For more information about GJ&K, visit

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