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My Experience Working at GJK

By Katie Carter

February 4, 2021

GJK is committed to fostering opportunities for young people in our community, especially women. We meet women every day who are interested in the law, and they ask how they can see inside the practice of law to know if it is right for them. In a world where higher education and graduate education costs are skyrocketing, women want to know what the world of law offers before they jump in headfirst, and this stretches beyond those interested in being lawyers. Our office provides women an opportunity of an inside view of how a business runs and how they can contribute their talents to the many facets of law office management. 


The GJK intern program is open to law students and college students who have an interest in working for a law firm or small business. Some of our interns/clerks are already interested in or are pursuing law as a career, while others have specific interests that can be developed in a law office setting. The internship program provides a vital resource to our lawyers, staff, and clients. From assisting with daily activities, performing valuable research, and helping developing resources, we benefit from the fresh perspectives our interns bring to our team. 


In addition to two law student interns during 2020, GJK welcomed our first college intern in December 2020 for a five-week internship. While an internship in 2020 during the pandemic offered its challenges, GJK was committed to providing its interns a wide range of experience. GJK’s interns worked remotely, in-person in the office, and hybrid schedule of remote/in-person. Juggling the options on how to work was experience in and of itself. 


GJK asks their interns to share insights from their experience at the firm in hopes that it will encourage others to try an internship with a business. We at GJK firmly believe internships can spark creativity and ignite passions.





My Experience Working at GJK

By Katie Carter

GJK Intern/Ole Miss Student

As a freshman in college, I really did not know what to expect when coming to work and help at a law firm. I took this opportunity to have something to do over my extremely long, two-month winter break. Not long after starting work, I found myself learning many new things, “grown up things”, that I honestly had never thought about before. I learned that there is a lot more to a post office than the blue mailboxes outside that you put your Christmas cards and thank you notes in. I learned how to locate and communicate with a county court clerk, interact with people in different work forces, and I also developed a better sense of direction and time management when delivering client files around Jackson and surrounding areas. I learned how to call different courthouses in Mississippi and update names and addresses for recordkeeping. I even had the chance to actually go to the courthouse and file a lawsuit. For someone my age, this was a very cool experience. I had the opportunity to work with creating social media posts for the firm, which is great experience for my Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ole Miss. Through interactions with clients at the firm, I was able to make connections that helped me secure an internship involved with marketing for the coming semester.

Overall, during my time spent working for GJK, I have learned so much about real life situations, even ones that don’t necessarily revolve around law, and found a new confidence in myself and the responsibilities that I have obtained. I am very thankful that Gay Jones & Kuhn gave me this opportunity and was so welcoming to me during these couple of months! I am leaving with so many new experiences under my belt, and my eyes are open to so many new opportunities for creating a path to my future career.


Katie is a 2020 Jackson Academy graduate and is currently enrolled at Ole Miss.

For more information on our internship program and other opportunities at GJK, email

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