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GJK Successfully Assists Parents in Navigating Special Education Issue in Rankin County, Mississippi

December 2, 2021

Gay Jones & Kuhn PLLC’s Special Education Team recently worked alongside parents of a local Rankin County special education student to successfully secure a favorable permanent placement for the student.


GJK was contacted during the fall by parents facing a special education issue in the Rankin County School District. Attorneys and advocates worked with the parents and the school district to collect the needed records, ensure meetings were timely noticed, and confirm all needed services and educational goals were reviewed and participation included all the IEP team members. Most importantly, GJK worked to identify a short-term plan and long-term solution to provide the best education opportunities for the child. 


The student has now been attending his new permanent placement with an outstanding special education teacher and therapy team and is once again making progress towards his educational goals.


Attorney Sarah Beth Jones, who handled the matter, believes the success relates directly to all parties following the law and its most basic requirements. “Preparation by all involved is key to a successful IEP meeting. Be sure you know what you are meeting about and that everyone who is essential to that discussion is at the meeting and prepared to discuss the issues. When parents and teachers advocate for the child together, everyone wins. You all don’t have to agree on everything, and parents should still ask hard questions and demand answers to those. But progress is made when everyone understands the timeline and is prepared to work together towards what is really best for the student.”


GJK’s team of special education law attorneys and advocates provides the support necessary for parents to stay on track and resolve issues in the best interest of the child. 


ABOUT GJK: Gay Jones & Kuhn PLLC is a wholly woman-owned law firm located in the historic Fondren Renaissance District in Jackson, Mississippi. GJK offers a broad spectrum of legal services for clients in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama, including mass tort litigation defense, small business start-up, corporate defense, general counsel services, special education advocacy, and personal estate planning services.


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